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Lead by a vision to transform our society in the direction of sustainability without leaving anyone behind, Kuranga Power Corporation is the first full service black-owned renewable energy developer and asset manager operating in the United States. Our company develops wind, solar, and energy storage solutions that integrates community and development initiatives in synergy. Through this we are becoming a leading force for diversity in the energy industry within the United States and beyond.

We have the capacity to deliver on a wide range of clean energy projects and tailor them to suit the growing demands of energy consumers and purchasers. As pioneers of minority-run utility scale wind and solar development, we have successfully navigated complex project financing and development transactions, in-line with best-in-class development outfits in the energy industry.

Our Leadership

As founder and CEO Dr. Kuranga has built Kuranga Power Corporation to a word-class team with over 20 industry experts and in-house contractors. He has effectively led the way through complex regulatory and permitting requirements across local, state, and federal agencies and regulators. He is a principled and proven executor in procurement, design, siting, interconnection and energy marketing. Under his leadership, Kuranga Power Corporation has become the leading black-owned renewable energy developer in the United States. Prior to his current role Dr. Kuranga was a professor of international economics, and international relations, where he authored the book, “The Power of Interdependence”, published by Macmillan Press. He has served as a senior advisor to New York investment banks and asset managers investing across various asset classes in international markets. He also served as a Ministerial advisor on the Delegation of Nigeria to the United Nations General Assembly.

In addition to his academic and professional work, Dr. Kuranga has more than 10 years of experience in project finance and greenfield project development. He maintains a substantial portfolio of real estate assets across several regions. He holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University, a Masters from St. John’s University, and a BA from Miami University. He uniquely positioned to diversify the energy industry through educational and training initiatives that he has made a central focus of his community development programs.
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Our Expertise

Kuranga Power project development takes a community based wholistic approach to every project we develop. We prioritize neglected communities and territories for development, where renewable energy development is yet to take root.

Kuranga Power has an integrated team of planning and engineering professionals. We work with a myriad of best-in-class original equipment manufacturers and construction teams to bring cost-effective and transformative projects to life in places yet to be developed.

Kuranga Power has a unique ability to raise capital and identify strategic partnerships to enhance project effectiveness. We utilize and wide set of relationships and partnerships to secure capital at any project stage of development. Our tailored financial approach is designed for each situation to ultimately complete the project while also staying true to the community- based initiatives and programs that are central to our business.

Kuranga Power Assent Management division directs capital with an appetite for renewable energy investments, with some of the lowest LCOE hurdle rates in the industry. We design O & M around our community programs to maximize effectiveness while reducing the investment overhead. We transform our community focused approach into a comparative advantage and net investor gain. Socially responsible investors and mission-oriented funds, entrust us with their capital, because of our proven track record and integrated approach.


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